Michael Sam becomes 1st openly gay NFL player

Michael Sam becomes the first openly gay player to be drafted by an NFL team, the St. Louis Rams.  Sam is the 249th overall pick in the 2014 NFL draft.  A milestone for the NFL and major professional sports.


NAACP L.A. chapter head resigns over Donald Sterling scandal

The L.A. NCAAP chapter presented Sterling with the lifetime achievement award in 2009, and was planning to do so again this month.  The lifetime achievement award is the NAACP’s highest honor.  The first time Sterling was awarded a lifetime achievement award by the group was in the midst of a lawsuit for housing discrimination based upon race.  To honor him with the award a second time, after he had paid millions to settle multiple discrimination suits, is at the center of the NAACP controversy; read on…there is plenty more on Sterling’s past discrimination lawsuits and his relationship with V. Stiviano (the woman who leaked the tapes).