Language matters – focus on sports

Language matters - focus on sports

Sports and sporting organizations have been a productive arena for our class’ focus on institutionalized forms of oppression. Check out this interesting crowd-sourced inquiry into the language that’s used to describe athletes from different racial backgrounds. Click on the pic for more.


Go celebrate your end of semester here

Go celebrate your end of semester here

The Boston Area Social Justice Educators’ conference is one of the best places to meet people who can hang with your thinking after our social contexts class. I hope included in your theory of change is doing things collectively, which means you need others. This is a place to be in continued good conversations. Registration is free; excellent speakers. Peep game.

JDF Classrooms – Student and Teacher Perceptions

JDF Classrooms - Student and Teacher Perceptions

After doing research and conducting interviews we found some interesting perceptions about the juvenile detention facility classrooms.
Students perceived that the smaller classroom were more conducive to learning because the teachers could give more attention to each students. Many of the students we interviewed came from large classrooms, with 40-50 students in a classroom so being in a classroom of about 10 was a lot better.
The students noticed that the resources in the classrooms were in short supply. They were sometimes in worse condition than what they had in the mainstream schools, although some places across the states in our research mentioned that resources were better in the JDF. So location may play an important factor in obtaining resources.
Disruptions can happen often. Security presence is always a must and when students are in a class with other students who don’t like each other, interruptions and fights can break out.
Many of the students in the interviews and in the literature explained that the teachers seemed very dedicated and wanted to be there.
Work is hard as student levels and deficits are often very low and the teacher often gives the students all the same work to do
It is highly ethnic minorities that make up the classrooms across the nation.

The teachers we interviewed also offered a lot of insight into the classroom.
One teacher mentioned how Its hard to plan for students when you often don’t get their records from the outside school. Other research supports her statements saying the student records are slow coming to the JDFs for months at a time, sometimes not coming at all. This leaves teachers at a great disadvantage to their students as they don’t know what their disabilities are or what classes they have taken, so for every student they don’t have a record for, or have a complete record for, they have to start from square one. A lot of planning is involved also involved. The JDF gives a curriculum, but how the teacher chooses to use it is up to them. Many of the teachers spoke about spending a lot of time getting to know their students so they can try to find out what is best for them
There is a lot of pressure from the state and from the situation. The low learning levels of the student added in with the situations some of the students face can add to the pressure and stress. However, the longer the teachers stay in the job, stress seems to decrease a bit and satisfaction seems to increase

“I love these students. They try to act tough, but they think I’m cool so it ends up working. They are so low in a lot of subjects and a lot of what I’m teaching them are things that elementary students are learning and they know how low in academics they are, but they see I’m not bringing in these kiddie books that they sometimes try to use in remedial high school classes and they think that’s ‘dope –Ms. M, Oakland, Ca

Global Night 2014

Global Night 2014

Good Morning Everyone!

I would like to invite you all to tonight’s event “Global Night”. There will be performances and food from different countries. Entry is absolutely free. You can bring your friends too. The event will start at 7:00 pm and continue till 9:30 pm, today, at Walsh Function Hall, Boston College.

I hope to see you all there. Have a great day!