Rethinking Cinco de Mayo


Critical Consciousness in Teachers

Hi Marty, Melissa, and Colleen. Here questions for the week. I look forward to discussing these with you!

1. What is your background and experience in developing critical consciousness around issues of race, privilege, power, and oppression? To what extent were these experiences sought-out on your own, or mandated by your teacher prep program? How effective have they been? What ideas do you have for how we can better prepare pre-service teachers, teacher educators, and classroom teachers?

2. How do you believe the film you watched for this week portrayed the tools of Whiteness (whether emotional, ideological, or performative)? Did you see the cycle of racism maintained through these “tools” in the film, as Picower articulates?

3. How are the three themes McDonough identifies in Jaclyn’s critical consciousness reflective of your experiences in the classroom: reflection on racial identity, awareness of inequities related to race, and challenges to sustain critical reflection (p.531)? How has your own (changing) social context shaped your consciousness in these areas at different times?