Chicano/Chicana English

Anzaldúa talks about Chicano Spanish and the stigma associated with it. Related to that is the Chicano English dialect that many people of Mexican descent speak. Where I grew up (in Pueblo CO) Chicano English was regarded by many teachers and administrators as “uneducated” and was certainly not seen as a valuable cultural asset. (Ironically almost everyone who grew up in Pueblo has traces of this accent.) The following two links get at some of the dialogue around Chicano English:
Why do chicanos purposely speak english with an spanish accent when they only speak english to begin with?
George Lopez: Chicano Speak


Freire and Bourdieu Questions for Jane Barry’s Group

Jane was having trouble posting so here are her questions:

How have your school experiences both as a student and an educator confirmed or refuted Freire’s perspective on emotional dependency and oppression in our school systems? Do you think that dependency catalyzes oppression or that oppression causes dependency? Why?

Can people with exposure and access to social, cultural and economic capital feel solidarity with the oppressed? Or do you think those people by nature become oppressors? Do you think that the social justice and service culture at BC falls into people with capital trying to be in solidarity with the oppressed or “false generosity”? Who does this well? How can we as educators work understand the oppression and dependancies our students feel?