A powerful spoken word poem about how languages other than English are viewed by the dominant culture.


Paternity Leave

Controversial comments made by sportscasters after Mets Player takes 3 Day paternity leave… Esiason’s comments pretty much equate women to reproductive machines. The comments definitely reveal a lot about the ways in which mainstream society still holds onto heteronormative, traditional gender roles in child rearing.

Alanna, Jennae, Olivia, and Felicia

Hey girls! My questions are below. I look forward to chatting with you in class… Especially hearing your take on the different films you watched.

1. Can a teacher be culturally competent if he or she still lives within the “power erasure”, or operates within privilege blindness?

2. In your courses at BC, have you heard comments from your peers that are similar to the comments the students made in Picower? If so, which themes or excuses have been most prevalent?

3. When reading Picower, one common theme was that students seemed to feel that they’re doing enough already and that having to special preparation is ridiculous. They felt their presence was naturally altruistic and helpful (207), so why should they need to do extra. Have you noticed this attitude in the white teachers in the white savior films? Maybe not the lead character/teacher, but did you notice other teachers with this mentality in underprivileged, minority majority schools?

4. If your teacher savior film had a teacher of color as the “savior” (ie. Ciach Carter), did you notice the white leaders getting frustrated or feeling threatened by minority group being enlightened by or progressing due to a leader of color?


White Female Teachers: Alanna, Olivia, Felicia, and Jennae

Since our group is entirely female, I thought it would be interesting to focus specifically on Kunjufu’s White Female Teachers chapter.

1.) In your previous or current experiences in school settings, which White identity orientations have you encountered (Fundamentalist, Integrationist, and Transformist)? Do the teachers challenge the Eurocentric perspective? Are diverse perspectives an afterthought integrated into the mainstream curriculum or are they intertwined naturally into the curriculum? How about in your methods courses at BC?

2.) How have you seen white educators encouraging African American students to value their own hair, eyes, hue? Have you seen white teachers perpetuating the Westernized view of beauty via media, classroom posters, books, comments, etc.?

3.) What forms of missionary language have you seen used in classrooms with white female teachers and African American students? Do you think the “white man’s burden” or notion that African American students need to be saved takes into account the strengths of these students and the strengths of their culture and history?

4.) Kunjufu talks about “liberal” teachers that lower standards for African American students in order to do them a “favor”. How is this detrimental for these students? How is affirmative action different from the notion of “liberal” teachers?

-Madison Aleksa