Happy Lunar New Year

Happy Lunar New Year

Read more about the year of the dragon – click on the pic and consider what cultures are represented, underrepresented, and overrepresented in schools



  1. It is actually the year of the horse – I think the year of the dragon was two years ago. And I do think non-Christian holidays are way underrepresented in schools. Chinese New Year is the biggest holiday in China (and other Asian countries) – just as big of a deal as Christmas is here, and yet I’ve never seen any acknowledgement of it in a school. And it always bothers me how Chinese New Year is so often reduced to a place mat in Chinese restaurants about the different animals, when there is so much more to it than a lucky animal. Often in China people don’t even ask your age, they ask you what animal you are. To me it reduces this aspect of Chinese culture to a fortune teller stereotype.

  2. Just to share a different perspective: The Boston College Children Center (preschool level) is holding a Chinese New Years theme starting last Friday for a week. On Friday, students were read a picture book about how Chinese families celebrate Chinese New Year. Students wished other students/teachers who celebrated “a happy new year” and one half-Chinese student gave out ‘hongbaos’ (red envelopes) to the rest of the class that was filled with chocolate coins. Students were also given a paper wheel to find what their specific ‘shio’ (animal) is. I also witnessed various BC classmates, who are current teachers in various schools, look for different ideas from dragon face masks to red lanterns to introduce the Chinese New Years in their classrooms last week.

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