Discussion Q’s by Jennae Cohen

My apologies for the late post! Had troubles posting. Here are my q’s for my group for this weeks readings of Friere and Bourdieu…

Our current education system is adjusting to the demands of a new reform program called “Race to the Top”—a program that in theory should provide equitable opportunities for success for all students. Still, our education system places high value on standardized testing—a controversial topic that often brings up conversations that sound familiar to Frieire’s “banking model” of education.

1. If Freire were around today, what do you think he would say about this national program? What or who exactly is at the “Top,” and how can those who are at the “bottom” enact “pedagogy of the oppressed” (assuming those at the bottom are indeed oppressed) to “race” to the top?

2. Educational credentials, according to Bourdieu reproduce social inequalities and are mechanisms through which wealth and power are transmitted. How might the RttT program perpetuate or break down this theory about education and social mobility?


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